Start a New Club or Organization

The Associated Students of Fullerton College congratulates you in taking the first step in forming a club or organization!  There are three important factors in the success of your club and organization structure:  (1) Members, (2) Officers, and (3) Staff or Faculty Advisor(s).

Below are forms that contain important information to assist you in your endeavor:

  1. Submit Official Request for Establishing a Club Organization
  2. Obtain an Advisor (full-time or part-time faculty and/or staff) and 15 club/organization members
  3. Submit FC A.S. Clubs Organizations Roster Template_F17
  4. Submit Authorized Signatures for A.S. Club & Organizations Account_F17
  5. Submit 5 copies and 1 electronic copy of proposed Constitution.  This process will take approximately 6-8 weeks for the approval of the Associated Students Judicial Committee and A.S. Senate.  Once approval process is complete, the club/organization is required to attend Inter-Club Council (I.C.C.) meetings every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Monday of each month.
  6. Upon approval of Associated Students, the club/organization may establish a Fullerton College Bursar Account by submitting a Request for Club Account Form.