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Hornet Leadership Program

Program Purpose & Goals

The Hornet Leadership Program will support Fullerton College’s mission by advancing student learning and achievement through a guided pathway to leadership development.  Through this leadership program, we strive to reach outcomes that include but are not limited to the following: effective communication, intellectual growth, interpersonal skills, social responsibility, and leadership development.

The program will be centered on four core areas, building upon the college’s core values of community, diversity, equity, excellence, growth, inclusivity, innovation, integrity, partnership, respect and responsibility:

  1. Global/community perspectives
  2. Ethics, values, & decision making
  3. Personal empowerment
  4. Interpersonal skills.

Each of these areas will help the student develop holistically as they challenge themselves through workshops, service hours, and other projects that are grounded in diversity, equity, inclusiveness, cultural immersion, social justice, enhancing resume and communication skills, and team dynamics.  The Hornet Leadership Program seeks to collaborate with all campus divisions, departments and special programs that are currently offering dynamic training workshops, servant leader opportunities and leadership development.  Students are encouraged to attend all opportunities that will build their co-curricular transcript of student life and leadership.

Levels of Leadership Development

Each student will work their way through different levels of the program, starting at the Bronze level and working up to Platinum. Each level will require more hours dedicated to the program and will be structured as follows:





  • Attend the Hornet Leadership Retreat (Fall semester)
  • 1 workshop
  • 5 hours of service

Note: 2 workshops if student could not attend retreat.

All requirements completed from the Bronze level, plus the following:

  • 3 workshops
  • 10 hours of service
  • 1 leadership or team building activity/event
All requirements completed in the Bronze and Silver levels, plus the following:

  • 5 workshops
  • 15 hours of service
  • 2 leadership or team building activities/events
All requirements completed in the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, plus the following:

  • Service learning and leadership project (TBD)
  • Apply the theories of leadership learned into practice at Fullerton College

Students will track their engagement through a Canvas shell. At the end of the year, students will be recognized for their work as leaders and change agents at Fullerton College and in their communities at a spring recognition ceremony.

For partnership and collaboration, please contact:

Naomi Q. Abesamis, Director of Student Activities at (714) 992-7096; nabesamis@fullcoll.edu
Dr. Joe Carrithers, A.S./I.C.C. Faculty Advisor at jcarrithers@fullcoll.edu
Elisa Cirrito, Hornet Leadership Program Coordinator at ecirrito@fullcoll.edu