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Club & Organizations Forms

Please use the following forms for clubs and organizations to request events/activities, facilities, movie screenings, fundraisers, and the club rosters which must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities every semester to ensure successful events and/or activities:

FC A.S. Clubs Organizations Roster

This form must be filled out by club advisor(s) and officers with a list of all club members every semester for the club to remain in good standing and active status.  Deadline to submit club roster is by the end of the second week of the semester before 4:00 pm at the Office of Student Activities (Student Center, Room 214).

FC Club & Organizations Spring Update Form

This form must be filled out by club advisor(s) and officers that would like to maintain their active status during the Spring semester after successfully submitting a Roster during the previous Fall semester. Deadline to submit the update form is by the end of the third week of the semester before 4:00 pm at the Office of Student Activities (Student Center, Room 214).

Request for Club Meeting or Event

This form is the main form that clubs/organizations must use as a formal request to the Office of Student Activities to pre-approve an upcoming meeting or event. Once the form is approved by Student Activities, the club advisor may request facilities through the Master Calendar.  Please give at least two weeks lead time when planning events to have club paperwork go through the approval process.

Request for Movie/DVD/Video Screening Event Form

The Office of Student Activities must approve any movie, video or DVD viewing requests in order to comply with legal mandates.  This form should be used for any club/organization or department on campus who wishes to show film screenings to the campus community.

Distribution of Printed Materials Form:

This form is due 10 working days prior to desired event/activity date. All flyers, memos, and/or promotional items are to be handed from a table at Quad designated area or placed in A.S., ICC, Clubs or Faculty mailboxes.

NOCCCD Pro Bono Service Form:

This form is required by the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) and must be filled out and be submitted for the approval process at least 3 weeks before your event or activity, for any performer(s), presenter(s) or vendor(s) who have agreed to provide their service(s) at no cost to the District, College, and club/organization. Club advisor must sign at the designated area at the bottom of this form.

Master Calendar Procedures:

Before any submission to Master Calendar, all club/organizations must submit the Request for Club/Organization Meeting or Event Form as a pre-approval.  Once approved, Student Activities will send club officers and advisor(s) a notification that you may now enter your meeting or event on Master Calendar.  There is a six-day lead time to enter into Master Calendar.

FC Guidelines for Social Media Accounts:  

Please read this guide to follow all policies and procedures regarding social media for your clubs and organizations.

AS-SA Requisition FORM

For established and recognized clubs with a Bursar’s Account at Fullerton College.

Fundraiser Accounting Form

Complete this form and submit to the Office of Student Activities before your event fundraiser with estimates of revenues only and once again after your event for actual revenues earned.

Bursar’s Office Deposit Slip

For club and organization fundraisers, use this form to deposit fundraising revenues into your club/organization account.

A.S. Club & Organizations Account

This form is also used to establish a new club/organization account through the Bursar’s Office. This form must be printed and filled out by all club officers and advisor(s) who are authorized to sign on club financial paperwork for the academic year.